Who's a Big Boy? edited by Arsalam Isa

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The world of wrestling doesn't feel like a big deal. But maybe it is?

"Wrestling makes me think of inflated, fully-crown men, wiggling around in g-strings, masks and makeup, pretending that they're about to dominate and inflict cosmic violence on the other. But as we explore in this zine, wrestling is so much about the people that support it and what the fantasy of struggle means to them, as it is about those that it excludes in make-believe dramas, swinging fists and fancy stage entrances. For an act that is perceived as overtly heterosexual performance of masculinity, the arena of wrestling is theatrical. Camp costumes are studded in gold, kitschy pronounce- ments are routinely declared: I am the greatest. By no means do we attempt to normalise the act of wrestling, but we hope to interrogate its meaning and tease out a context, especially for those that it held no particular significance for" - Arsalam Isa

With essays by Sabina, Mohammed Z. Rahman, Hassan Vawda, Abbas Zahedi, Kuba Zalasa, Arsalan Isa, Mark Crawler and Krystyna

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