What Are You Angry About? by Anastasia Tribambuka

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This book is a result of interaction with visitors of Anastasia Tribambuka's solo show Right to Rage in OXO Tower Wharf, London, in November 2022. Right to Rage embraces women’s anger as a cathartic and emancipatory force. It is an experiment of looking at anger more closely and welcoming it into shared discourse as a force that can bring balance and amplify the voices of those unheard.

Female anger in particular is traditionally embedded into patriarchal social narratives as a destructive and dangerous power that needs to be pacified and sublimated. Tribambuka instead makes us reconsider women’s rage as a sign of the violation of boundaries, a reaction to injustice and threat and to things that went wrong in the world, and a “dark” power to be unleashed and reckoned with. 

Visitors to Right to Rage were invited to leave their notes on a board asking 'What Are You Angry About?", to feel empowered by the ‘monstrous’, furious women of history to share their emotions, thoughts and opinions in response. More than 350 notes were collected, giving a refreshingly honest snapshot of what's wrong in the world as seen from London 2022, and almost 300 of them made it to the book!

More about the show: https://tribambuka.art/right-to-rage