Under the Wings of the Valkyrie by Sjón

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Under the Wings of the Valkyrie is written by Sjón, a celebrated Icelandic novelist and poet & central figure within Nordic culture.

In a letter to his wife, Icelandic architect Fridjón B. Fridriksson divulges his lifelong obsession with German militant Gudrun Ensslin, of the Baader-Meinhof gang. He first glimpsed her on TV as a child and now Ensslin lingers in his dreams and has become the defining fixture of his adult psyche. To break free from Ensslin, and salvage his marriage, Fridjón resorts to drastic measures. Sjón calls this, his untranslated breakout work from 1994, his most provocative work to be published in English, exploring the erotic magnetism of extremism.