Ukraine Lab: Global Security, Environment, and Disinformation Through the Prism of Ukraine edited by Sasha Dovzhyk

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Ukraine has often been called a laboratory for global challenges in the spheres of environment, information, and security. The site of the worst nuclear catastrophe in history, the primary target of the Kremlin’s disinformation campaigns as well as the country to spark the collapse of the Soviet Union and to stand up to its neo-imperialist successor: Ukraine has been the first to face and, at times, to set in motion processes with worldwide consequences. After Russia’s full-scale invasion compromised the global system of security, the value of Ukrainian knowledge and experience can no longer be dismissed. The urgency to learn with and from Ukraine is now existential for the rest of the world.

This unique collection presents essays, in English and Ukrainian translations, by emerging authors from Ukraine and the UK who employ cross-cultural dialog and the art of storytelling to open up Ukrainian perspectives on the challenges facing humanity worldwide.

The volume’s contributors are Olesya Khromeychuk, Sofia Cheliak, Kateryna Iakovlenko, Olena Kozar, Kris Michalowicz, Phoebe Page, Jonathon Turnbull, and Mstyslav Chernov

With a foreword by Dr Rory Finnin, Professor of Ukrainian Studies at the University of Cambridge.