Ukraine At War: Street Art, Posters + Poetry by Daoud Sarhandi-Williams

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War came to Ukraine in February 2022; it was uninvited – although not unexpected given Russia’s steady, massive troop build-up on Ukraine’s eastern border over the winter. When war exploded, millions of people around the world watched it unfold.

Daoud Sarhandi-Williams – author of the internationally-acclaimed Bosnian War Posters – travelled to Ukraine in the summer of 2022 to photograph street art. He gathered a lot more images besides – as well as a trove of extraordinary war poetry by Ukrainian citizens, shared internationally here for the first time. The author brings all these elements together in an original, multi-layered visual book that is moving and profound.       

With over 400 photos and artworks by the author and other contributors, the 320 pages of this book are a tribute to Ukraine’s courage, heroism and struggle – and to her creativity, too.

Ukraine at War is a unique artistic testament to Ukrainian resilience, to world-changing events that are far from over, and to the heart of the Ukrainian people.

With a foreword by Andrey Kurkov