The Looking Glass and Other Stories by Anton Chekhov, translated by Stephen Pimenoff

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Presented in a new translation by Stephen Pimenoff, ‘The Looking Glass’ is accompanied in this volume by thirty-four other short stories by Chekhov, some of them never translated before into English.

It is New Year’s Eve, and Nellie, the pretty daughter of a landowning general, is sitting in her room looking in the mirror. Although she is tired and her eyes are half closed, she is spellbound as the reflection in the looking glass dissolves into a sea of grey mist, in which she starts to discern the beloved features of her fiancé. As in a diorama, the scene keeps changing, and to the early snapshots of joyful marital life succeed other, more sinister images of care, sickness and bereavement, casting a long shadow onto the girl’s future.

With ‘The Looking Glass Chekhov captured the very essence of the Russian soul. This short story, along with the others included in this collection, demonstrates why he is considered the absolute master of the genre.

Contains: ‘Before the Wedding’, ‘Which of Three?’, ‘A Transgression’, ‘The Country Resident’, ‘At the Barber’s’, ‘The Merchant’s Estate’, ‘At Home with the Marshal’s Widow’, ‘The Mother-in-Law as Go-Between’, ‘In Rented Rooms’, ‘A Joke’, ‘On the Nail’, ‘My Nana’, ‘Bad Weather ‘, ‘At the Dacha’, ‘Nerves’, ‘A Good Outcome’, ‘Carelessness’, ‘Conversation of a Drunk with a Sober Devil’, ‘To Paris!’, ‘The Playwright’, ‘The Wastrel’, ‘The Heroic Lady’, ‘The Drunks’, ‘The Happy Man’, ‘Typhus’, ‘The Kind Acquaintance’, ‘Difficult People’, ‘Oh, Women, Women!’, ‘Fiancé and Father’, ‘The Looking Glass’, ‘Strong Feelings’, ‘How I Was Married’, ‘The Cobbler and the Devil’, ‘Patronage’, ‘A Doctor’s Visit’.