The Literature of Georgia — A History by Donald Rayfield

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Across the ages Georgia has joined the great civilization of north and south as much as east and west. Despite prolonged subjection to Byzantine, Iranian and Russian overloads for more than fifteen hundred years, its literary language has evolved to produce a broad corpus of literature that has given rise to such extraordinary works as The Knight in the Panther's skin, to poets of genius and originality such as the anonymous hymnographers of Byzantine times or, in modern times, the great nineteenth century luminary Ilia Chavchavadze and major twentieth century poets such as Vazha Pshavela and Galaktion Tabidze. 

This is the first comprehensive and objective history of the literature of Georgia, revealed to be unique among those of the former Byzantine and Russian empires, both in its quality and its 1500 years' history. It is examined in the context of the extraordinary diverse influences which affected it - from Greek and Persian to Russian and modern European literature, and the folklore of the Caucasus.