The Library by Morley House

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In a library, an author is writing about her never-healing, ever-present wound.

And as she is doing so, her attention shifts from the wound to the environment where the writing happens, to the role of this environment in the healing process and to the message that the environment conveys to the author.

The Library contemplates possibility of repair after a traumatic experience. The process turns out to be more complex than just a search for complete recovery.

This book was conceived during an artist residency at the Henry Moore Institute @henrymooreinstitute.

It is a visual and textual exploration of the intersection between the inner landscape of the human psyche and the outside space of the library.

Each copy is unique, the front and back covers are drawn by the artist.148 × 210mm / 114pp

Printed at CSM Publications @csm_publications

Edition of 100