Stories by a Russian Londoner by Jana Bakunina

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Stories by a Russian Londoner by Jana Bakunina is a collection of short stories that explores how political events mould our identities, challenge our beliefs and redefine our relationships, drawing from the author's first-hand experience as a Russian.

In "The Repair Job", a Londoner tries to mend a broken relationship with her Russian father, in "Alya", a talented young woman perishes in the gilded cage of her marriage, in "Tamara Ivanovna Talks to Herself", a lonely widow is nagged by guilt, and in "Divergence", a professor of mathematics reluctantly travels to Russia during the invasion of Ukraine to see his family. The final story, "Up Against the Wall", provides a bittersweet consolation of acceptance, resilience and hope.

Stories by a Russian Londoner take readers on a journey through love, loss and redemption, capturing the diverse experiences set in Russia, London and beyond.