Society In Crisis: Our Capacity For Adaptation and Reorientation edited by Kurt Almqvist, Mattias Hesserus and Iain Martin

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Wars, revolutions and pandemics are recurring phenomena in human history. In this anthology twenty-five world-leading scholars describe and analyse how different societies handle these situations, and highlight humanity's unprecedented capacity for adaption and reorientation. A crisis entails problems, but also opportunities. 

Authors: Clive Aslet, Phillip Bobbitt, Peter Burke, Gillian Clark, Jonathan Fenby, Peter Frankopan, Jessica Frazier, Lawrence Freedman, Matthew Goodwin, Andrew Graham-Dixon, Johan Hakelius, Vanessa Harding, Tom Holland, Mark Honingsbaum, Alex Lee, Tim Marshall, Lincoln Paine, Iskander Rehman, Donald Sassoon, David Seedhouse, Graham Stewart, Hew Strachan, Helen Thompson, Richard Whatmore, Adrian Wooldridge