Queer Ukraine: An Anthology of LGBTQI+ Ukrainian Voices During Wartime edited and translated by the DVIJKA collective

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Against the backdrop of brutal invasion, it is much easier for right-wing figures to target marginalised groups, and during wartime the queer community is exceedingly vulnerable to persecution, scapegoating and censorship. Being visibly queer in Ukraine is an act of rebellion in itself, but LGBTQI+ people find ways to express themselves against all odds, to create beyond all constraints.

And what is queerness without defiance – the linking of arms, the echo of a hundred voices? Every voice tells a story, and this anthology is a platform for these voices, an archive of their existence. It is time for them to tell their stories on their own terms – and for the rest of the world to stand in solidarity with them.

With photos and illustrations by Rebel Queers, a group of Kyiv-based queer activists.