PersonaЖ: A Week in the Life of Nikolai by Sputnikat

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Seven artists from four countries come together to tell the story of week in the life of Nikolai, an introspective handyman from Moscow, including tales of psychedelic cactus dreams, seedy strip clubs, accidental time travel and moments of contemplation in snowbound countryside.

PersonaЖ is a new concept for the comics anthology format. Seven artists from different countries come together to design a single character - and then proceed to tell the story of a week in that character's life, with each artists telling the tale of one day, Monday to Sunday.

The first edition of Personaж (pronounced like 'personage' in French and meaning 'character' in Russian) centres on taciturn van driver Nikolai from Moscow. His story is told by Andrey Petranin (Monday), Irina Troitskaya (Tuesday), Lika Nussli (Wednesday), Evgenia Barinova (Thursday), Jeroen Funke (Friday), Arina Shabanova (Saturday) and Christopher Rainbow (Sunday).

PersonaЖ: A Week in the Life of Nikolai is a 64-page lovingly printed Risograph book in blue and orange, and is sure to be a fine addition to an illustration or comics-loving bookshelf.