Not One Inch : America, Russia, and the Making of Post-Cold War Stalemate by Mary Sarotte (hardback)

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A leading expert on foreign policy reveals how tensions between America, NATO, and Russia transformed geopolitics in a Foreign Affairs Best Book of 2021 "Sarotte has the receipts, as it were: her authoritative tale draws on thousands of memos, letters, briefs, and other once secret documents-including many that have never been published before-which both fill in and complicate settled narratives on both sides."-Joshua Yaffa, New Yorker "The most engaging and carefully documented account of this period in East-West diplomacy currently available."-Andrew Moravcsik, Foreign Affairs Prize-winning historian, M.E. Sarotte pulls back the curtain on the crucial decade between the fall of the Berlin Wall and the rise of Vladimir Putin, when Americans and Russians-in conflict over NATO expansion and Europe's future-sowed the seeds of the tensions that shape today's world.