Monkey In The Ruins, Volume 3: Pripyat and the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

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"There are plenty of written accounts, in print and online, along with collections of ruin porn photography, a grim TV series and a bad horror film, that all add to the mythology of Chernobyl, or tell a part of its story, and most of them have more space/time/pages to do so than I ever will. There's also no point in me regurgitating this information, and pretending I've done lots of in-depth research.

I was there for just one day, in February 2019. These are some of the pictures I took, some of the thoughts I had, and some of the things I learnt."

Mark Beechill, August 2019

A5, 64 pages, staple-bound, colour photographs & written commentary

Fourth printing, April 2023, edition of 30