KS Redgrits

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This is the first Art Book by the artist, KS Redgrits. It features a collection of her experimental and photographic works since 2020.

The book’s exterior design was created in collaboration with Hyungi Park, a crafter from the US, whom Redgrits commissioned. The book has a leather with laser cut text on the front cover & a thick block of wood for the back cover. Redgrits wanted her book to feel like an object, where the importance of the book doesn’t necessarily have to solely be on the interiors, but maybe even just perceiving the book as a sculptural piece.

This first Art Book has no other versions made, it is the only one. The book also has the inevitable nature of being a limited edition, in the sense that even if it were to be recreated, the wood cut on the back cover could never be the same piece and pattern of wood.

This book was first publicly displayed at Tate Modern in 2023, as part of Offprint.

Instagram: @redgrits / email: iamredgrits@gmail.com / website: Redgrits.org