Neobuzdannye Kriki – Unbridled Screaming

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Artist Statement

Neobuzdannye Kriki (trans. Unbridled Screaming) is first and foremost an extension of our lack of experience with peace and stability, and it screams (pun intended) about it through the absence of concise medium or narration. 

On days that it’s not a zine it’s a play; and on days that it’s not a play it’s a podcast; on days that it’s not a podcast it’s a group of poems; and some days it is absolutely nothing. 

The zines, as well as the project itself, are in part love-letters to early-2000s image consumption, specifically in Runet spaces.  

This is edition number one of none, or maybe of some. Special gratitude to magic, dust and slime.  

Authors/ProductionNeobuzdannye Kriki (Ekaterina Yastrebova, Anastasiya Samozdra, Ella Potanina)