Kolay Gelsin Zine by Madina Joldybek

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There is a golden phrase in Turkish, “Kolay gelsin”, which you might have heard while traveling to Turkey. “Kolay gelsin” literally means “may it come easily”; it is a unique phrase that isn't translatable into English or most other languages, but it roughly means "Have a good one" or "Keep up the good work".
There are three things you can watch forever: fire burning, water falling, and other people working. This zine is Madina Joldybek's personal collection of photos and drawings of Turkish people busy with their works. Ladies knitting in the park, a grandma cooking stuffed grape leaves with her grandson, a woman rolling out dough, a man roasting chestnuts, fishermen catching fish. What makes Turkey Turkey is not an all-inclusive vacation, baklava or kebabs all day long, but the people living there. “Kolay gelsin” is a polite way to greet those incredible people.
A5 size, 24 pages. Full-colour.