Jane Lam: Aglaia

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Recipient of the 2022/23 Architectural Photography Fund award, Jane Lam presents her debut photographic exhibition Aglaia. The exhibition draws inspiration from a narrative of generational trauma, focusing on four women in Lam’s family. In this story, all of their names are replaced by the name of a tree, Aglaia.

"For my mother.

Aglaia is the story of four women in my family, navigating the depths of depression and displacement at different stages of our lives. It is a mirror reflecting the constant uprooting experienced by the people of Hong Kong-a life where certainty is a distant dream. To us, being from Hong Kong means constantly pondering what we hold onto and carry as we venture from one place to another.

But Aglaia is more than just a story. It is my letter home, a bridge reaching back to those I can no longer communicate with-woven with text and photographs, pre- senting a complete family portrait to include those I can no longer see.

I hope you know that I still remember you, whenever I see Aglaia."

First edition, 100 copies