Ever Gaia by James Lovelock and Hans Ulrich Obrist

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“As we spoke of his inventions, I realized that what is common to them all is that they astound not in their appearance but in what they make apparent. They leave us staring, jaw-dropped yet clear-eyed, into a new reality — in which Gaia has taken the place of God: 'Oh my Gaia', we are left uttering.” — Hans Ulrich Obrist

Ever Gaia is an introduction to the life and work of James Lovelock, an environmentalist, futurist and founder of the Gaia theory that the Earth functions as a self-regulating system. His way of seeing  "perhaps his greatest legacy", Obrist writes  will continue to shape our world and our place within it for decades to come.

This is the newest issue of the isolarii series (reviving the extinct Venetian genre of isolarii — the ‘island books’ — that emerged at the start of the Renaissance), published in March 2023.

By Hans Ulrich Obrist and James Lovelock and featuring Daisy Hildyard, Precious Okoyomon, and Tim Lenton.