Character in Georgia by Aka Morchiladze and Peter Nasmyth

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Why is national character so important? In Georgia the answer may lie in its unique brands of outlawism, 19th-century poetry, and rich viniculture. It explains why Joseph Stalin codenamed himself 'Koba' after an outlaw from local literature. How strains of a similar Romantic banditry also created the world's first genuine Social Democratic country - the Georgian Republic of 1918-21. How this stood on the shoulders of a banker, publisher-provocateur, ‘Father of the Nation;’ an austere mountain poet; a mysteriously disappearing translator of Shakespeare; an obsessive Georgian language campaigner and children’s writer. And how this distinctive character still very much walks the nation's streets today.

Aka Morchiladze is probably Georgia's most popular writer today. Here he works with Peter Nasmyth to create a major update to his acclaimed 'Georgian Notebook.'