Chagall: Masters of Art by Ines Schlenker

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Marc Chagall's remarkable oeuvre spans a variety of media; from painting, ceramics, and stained glass to illustration, tapestry, and stage sets. Regardless of the format, his singular narrative style embraced the memories of his happy childhood in Vitebsk, Russia and his roots in Jewish culture. This engaging examination of the artist and his life features stunning full- page illustrations of Chagall's works, along with illuminating biographical details.

On every page, Chagall's genius with colour and composition spring to life. Comparisons and contrasts are made to the works of other Fauve and Cubist artists among whom he lived and worked, as well as to the poetry of the era. Although he depicted the harsh anti-Semitism that his countrymen faced, Chagall nevertheless embraced a vision of humanism and tolerance that remains refreshingly poignant decades after his death.