A Dictionary of Emotions in a Time of War: 20 Short Works by Ukrainian Playwrights edited by John Freedman

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"These excerpts illustrate fratricidal wars, the complex nature of politics, the rending of family ties, and unending grief. Yet, they will also prove that above all there is still hope for love in this sea of hate" — Michel Marc Bouchard, playwright, winner of the Prix Journal de Montreal and Prix du Cercle des critiques de l'Outaouais

These texts in the wake of invasion, written by the members of the Theatre of Playwrights, Kyiv, in spring, summer and autumn of 2022, have a documentary thrust. Reporting from diverse places in Ukraine, from Kyiv, Lviv, Mykolaiv, from occupied Kherson, from the front itself, and locations farther afield in countries of refuge; employing diverse modes of expression: poetry, screenplay, dialogue, diary, diatribe, comedy, short story and recollection, each is a singular response to a seismic and agonising shift. Each is an act of defiance as well, an assertion of the full human weight, of the integrity of a people.