Детки в клетке – Kids in the Cage

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"This art-zine is a collection of drawings made during the first half of 2022, they are some sort of reactions to the events of contemporary history and a fixation of my relations towards them. Each artwork is a reflection of my mindsets, thoughts and feelings, suddenly appearing in my head, together they are connected with associations of different kinds and create combinations of narratives, memories and symbols relevant to present times. These artworks are not statements, with them I am trying to provoke some questions about living in nowadays reality and capture senses of unpredictable and unknown. Characters in drawings are figures similar to lyrical hero in poems– that are not the copy of author but might have some similarities with them. These characters transform personal and unique into univeral and applicable to all. The title of the zine is a name of collection of children’s poetry about baby animals in the zoo, written by Samuel Marshak. I chose the name more for the phrase rather the semantics of the books– it can express and summarise feelings of powerless, affect and a sense of being caught in a trap when you try to find the way out."

By Amina Lipton