The Good Angel of Death by Andrey Kurkov

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'Packs a lot of plot into this deadpan satire...Strange and tantalising' Metro

Discover this powerful dark satire from one of Ukraine's most acclaimed authors. When Kolya moves into a new flat in Kyiv, he discovers an annotated manuscript hidden inside a copy of War and Peace and decides to track down its author, even if it means digging up the grave of a Ukrainian nationalist who died in mysterious circumstances.

An exhumation reveals that an item of great national importance is buried near a fort in Kazakhstan so when, during his night shift as a security guard, Kolya is threatened with mysterious phone calls, he sets off on what turns out to be a very bizarre journey. Along the way he meets a host of unlikely characters including Bedouins, ex-KGB officers and a spirit-like companion in the form of a chameleon.