Moscow Monumental: Soviet Skyscrapers and Urban Life in Stalin’s Russia by Katherine Zubovich

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In the early years of the Cold War, the skyline of Moscow was forever transformed by a citywide skyscraper building project. As the steel girders of the monumental towers went up, the centuries-old metropolis was reinvented to embody the greatness of  Stalinist society. Moscow Monumental explores how the quintessential architectural works of the late Stalin era fundamentally reshaped daily life in the Soviet capital. Drawing on a wealth of original archival research, it examines the decisions and actions  of Soviet elites—from top leaders to master architects—and describes the experiences of ordinary Muscovites who found their lives uprooted by the ambitious skyscraper project. 

Katherine Zubovich is assistant professor of history at the University at Buffalo, State University of New York. Her interests in clude the history of cities and urban planning; the history of architecture and visual culture; and modern transnational history. She received her PhD from University of California, Berkeley, and previously studied at the University of Toronto and the University of Victoria.