Leo Tolstoy Bundle 2

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This bundle includes Leo Tolstoy by Andrei Zorin and a bookmark.

About the book

When he arrived in Moscow in 1851, a young Leo Tolstoy set himself three immediate aims: to gamble, to marry and to obtain a post. At that time he managed only the first. The writer's momentous life would be full of forced breaks and abrupt departures, from the death of his beloved parents to an abandonment of the social class into which he had been born.

Andrei Zorin skilfully pieces together Tolstoy's life, offering an account of the novelist's deepest feelings and motives, and a brilliant interpretation of his major works, including the celebrated novels War and Peace and Anna Karenina.


About the bookmark

Designed and made in Ukraine for Pushkin House this unique bookmark features a portrait of the Russian author Leo Tolstoy.

Laser cut in matt black metal with a 3-D element which will be visible from the top or lower edge of your book.

11cm long