10 x Silkscreen prints "Story of Moby-Dick" by Olga Florenskaya. Signed by the artist.

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Silkscreen prints "Story of Moby-Dick" by Olga Florenskaya (b. Russia, 1960) based on a famous book by Hermann Melville. These series were produced by "B&F" studio in St Petersburg in 2016, edition of 80. 10 prints, signed by the artist. Size 31 x 43 cm. 

Artist's statement: "Finally I had the courage to read the story of “Moby-Dick” in 2011, when me and Alexander Florensky (my husband and artist partner, editorial note) were making a joint art project on Herman Melville in Perm (Siberia, editorial). Twelve 3D objects were made from scraps of old metal and wood as a dedication to the whales, whaling captains and the whaling ships. Following this project I still desired to work on these themes. Some time ago I made a colour paper collage about whaling ship “Pequod”, which was a present to my daughter Katya, who passionately adored Herman Melville. This collage became a starting point to the silkscreen series “Story of Moby-Dick”. These series were also made under the impression of mega brutal illustrations of Rockwell Kent (American artist, editorial). However, the biggest influence came from naïve and well composed drawings by students of “The Institute of People of the North” made in the 1930s. They are now kept in the collection of the Museum of Arctic and Antarctic (in St Petersburg, editorial)."
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